You've been eyeing my pictures for weeks, wistfully imagining the moment we finally meet. You find a suitable date and time,  send in the required information, and ponder the endless possibilities as you press "Submit". You wouldn't dare ask any inappropriate questions or imply any illicit activity as you know I'm a model only and would never do anything illegal. And You may have briefly hesitated at sending in your screening information but that was before you realized how important it was for our joint safety. You release the breath you've been holding because now the hard part is over and the fun will begin.


Your date request has been accepted and you've received the address to my place. It's time. You are a consummate gentleman so you've committed to following all directions given to you by your lady. It's not difficult, though. The experience is meant to be one you'll enjoy today, and every day, and every time. 

You are greeted warmly, like we've met before, even though we haven't. You dutifully place your  donation down in plain sight, without spoiling the mood by mentioning it. You accept my escort to the shower which you enter without complaint, even though you showered fifteen minutes ago. Just a quick rinse is all you need and you are soon greeted with a warm, plush towel. 

Easy conversation ensues and you gladly participate in any fun games i may be offering as you know i will become irrationally upset if you do not. You are thrilled to win a discount on your next session.  You know there will be a next time even though this time has barely begun. A few minutes in, you are already having the time of your life. we are fast friends. 

soon, our session begins.  You  never request unsafe activities of any kind as you know such a misstep would result in our time being cut short with no refund. You have the time of your life but never feel the need to share the details with others.  Our time together is all our own.